Is it really possible to make large profits in as little as 15 minutes? You might just say that Russ Horn is talking nonsense… but after testing his method, I can assure you he isn’t.

If you’re sick of reading page after page telling you about the latest and greatest Forex trading systems, then welcome aboard my ship – I’ve seen it all. I think what bothers me the most, is that although they usually make very attractive claims, upon further investigation it always turns out that they are systems developed by amateurs. That’s why Russ Horn’s Rapid Results Method caught my attention straight away – he’s definitely not an amateur, and in the world of trading he’s well known and respected as an expert in his field.

So there are some pretty insane techniques floating about the internet, but is the Rapid Results Method a big fat waste of time like many of the rest, or is it a genuine method of using the time you spend trading to maximise your profits and reduce risk? Well I’ve tried it, tested it and turned it inside out. So if you want to know what it’s really about, then keep reading. Enjoy the review.

In a Nutshell

Russ makes some fairly bold claims about his system which straight away put me on the defensive. I have always thought that to really succeed trading the Forex market, you need time, patience and more time. But according to expert Russ Horn, it doesn’t matter how long you have to trade – his system shows you how to make the most profit in the shortest time possible, even if you only have less than 15 minutes a day to trade!

On further inspection though, I noticed that he doesn’t just tell you how to make money in the short run – the Rapid Results Method is jam packed with valuable information about making those short bursts work in the long run too. You see, his system is all about identifying trends and exploiting them, no matter how long or short they are.

His claims seem too good to be true, but Russ is a man who knows trading inside and out… and that’s why I’m writing this review.

What You GetRapid Results Method Training Program

Well what can I say? Plenty to get your hands on! I’ve spent a lot of money on Forex trading systems, and usually they don’t live up to what they promise… but the Rapid Results Method has it all:

• Full color training manual, cheat sheets, tools. Everything you need to know, easy to navigate. Perfect – and the instructions are all step-by-step guidelines, making it easy to follow even if you’re a novice

• 6 instructional DVDs. Sometimes I don’t like reading everything, which is what makes these training DVDs perfect. They teach you everything you need to get started, and all you have to do is press ‘Play’

- 6 cheat sheets: print out and follow,chart with ease to profits rapid results method cheat sheets

  – The Dynamic Positioning Indicator (DPI):  its ability to look at multiple setups, different trends on different time frames simultaneously this indicator exist no where else on Earth!

  – The Signal Automation Recognition Alert (S.A.R.A): SARA will monitor your chart closely following the rules of the Rapid Result System and alert you when there is a setup. But only if it is a high probability trade. 

  – Private member’s only area (The Think Tank) -The private members area reserved just for the elite few that have made the decision to join Russ Horn and a few other individuals in becoming the most consistently profitable traders in the world.


  Bonus 1 – 1 Min Scalper System
  Bonus 2 – The Golden Strategy
  Bonus 3 – The Secret Method
  Bonus 4 – Sea Trading System
  Bonus 5 – The Super System
  Bonus 6 – Forex Profit Protocol
  Bonus 7 – <<The Triple Filter Forex System>>   

The Triple Filter Forex System is a well thought out robust way to trade Forex whenever you need a quick cash injection. The Triple Filter refers to the fact that it looks at the 1 hour and 15 minute time frames, then trades the 5 minute. Using the top secret rules of this incredible system, if the 1 hour is up while the 15 minute is down, then it is sideways. There’s absolutely no guesswork. This is a very simple system, but don’t let that fool you.

ForexATronForexATron – Bonus 8 just addedThe most deadly lethal system ever to be invented for taking cash from the Forex market will never be sold! This never before released indictor and report is like having an unlimited ATM machine just waiting for you to punch in the amount you want.

• 24/7 support – Support with Live Chat, Skype, Email, Telephone.
To be honest, the training material was so easy to understand that I didn’t need to contact them once, but it’s nice to know you’ve got the support you need, anytime you need it

• Lifetime access to member’s area. This is a feature I wasn’t expecting – but the perfect surprise. The member’s area is perfect for getting community advice, additional support and a whole range of exclusive extras.

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Who Can Use It?

Anyone… from beginners to experts.

The problem is, simple trading systems don’t usually work… but complex systems need to be handled by an expert.

But even though the Rapid Results Method is complex in itself, all of the easy-to-follow step-by-step training guides make it a walk in the park – no, really. It’s so simple to follow that even the most inexperienced trader can use it. And here’s the clincher: It gets results…

How Does it Work?

I guess the most important decision factor is how it works. I’m not going to use too much ‘trader’s jargon’, but I do want to go over the key points this method teaches when it comes to saving time, reducing risk and increasing profits.

• The ‘1-minute timeframe’. I’ve listed this part first because to me it’s the least believable. The ‘1-minute timeframe’ is a concept that allows you to exploit even the short-burst trends – market movements that can be taken advantage of in the space of just 15 minutes for big profit.

• Optimum entry times. Because the Rapid Results Method is all about identifying and utilizing trends, this method helps you to understand the best times to make your trades – whether that’s entering a trade, exiting a trade or even re-entering a trade. No trading method is risk-free, but the technique taught by Russ Horn is as close as dammit!

• ‘Missed entry’ fall-back. If you miss the perfect entry into a trade, what do you do? Kick yourself? I know it’s what I usually do! But because the Rapid Results Method is all about lightning fast analysis, it quickly finds you a brand new trend to enter even if you think you’ve missed the only one.

These are just my three favorite parts of the method, but there’s a whole heap more – it teaches how to increase your odds of winning trades regularly, presents you with stacks of options and ultimately gives you a system you can use no matter how much time you have to trade with.

These are just my three favorite parts of the method, but there’s a whole heap more – it teaches how to increase your odds of winning trades regularly, presents you with stacks of options and ultimately gives you a system you can use no matter how much time you have to trade with.

Russ HornWho is ‘Russ Horn’ and is he really an expert?

I already knew a lot about Russ Horn before I tried this product and wrote this review – but for those of you who don’t know, here’s a little bit about him.

Russ Horn is a well-known and experienced trader, extremely popular with the less experienced traders due to his ability to take complex trading methods and teach them in a way almost anyone can understand.

His first major success with teaching others how to make money trading Forex came when he first developed the Forex Rebellion system. Throughout his career he also developed the extremely popular and wildly successful Forex Master Method, and has now put his energy and expertise into developing the Rapid Results Method, partnering with Old Tree Publishing to ensure that anybody wanting to learn this powerful technique can do so with the assurance of high quality, expert content and unbeatable customer support.

Russ Horn has a knack for understanding even the most complex aspects of the Forex trading market and puts his skills to noble use teaching others to understand how best to learn the trends and make real money.

The Pros

So, here’s a summary of all the best parts about the Rapid Results Method I found when I used it.

  • Easy to use. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned pro or a nervous beginner – the step-by-step guide makes the system a piece of cake to follow
  • Time efficient. Even if you only have 15 minutes a day to trade, the Rapid Results Method shows you how to use that time to make the biggest profit with the lowest risk
  • Long term results. As well as showing you how to take a quick-fire approach to Forex trading, the system presented also gives you a way of continuing way ahead into the future for consistently high-win low-risk results
  • Value for money. This has got to be one of the best purchases I have made. It was relatively low-cost, and I got way more than I bargained for

The Cons

Of course, it’s not all rainbows and unicorns – everything has its faults.

  • Messy visual. This is probably the most negative thing I have to say about the whole system. Quite simply, the whole visual presentation can be a little bit confusing if you don’t know what you’re looking at. Luckily though, everything in the training manual and DVDs teaches you how to easily interpret what you’re looking at, and hey – I’ve seen a lot more confusing visuals than this one in my lifetime!
  • Slight risk. I wouldn’t say this was really a con, but I had to think of something… anytime you trade the FX, you’re risking capital. That goes without saying. But this method at least helps you to make that risk as low as possible for maximum profit.
  • Hard to find. I would have thought that a system like this would be splashed all over the internet… but I guess when a genuine way to manipulate the odds is developed, traders like to keep it close to their chest. So my suggestion is to get it while you can (I’ve included links so you don’t lose it!)

In Conclusion

The first thing I thought when I read about Russ Horn’s Rapid Results Method, was ‘absolutely impossible’. But after trying it out, I’ve actually changed my opinion.

If you want something that guarantees zero risk whatsoever and you’re not interested in making some serious cash… then you might as well apply for a job in McDonalds. But if you want a Forex trading system that gives you:

  • A safer way to trade the market
  • A faster way to trade the market
  • An easier way to trade the market

Then Russ Horn’s method is for you – get it while you still can.  Russ Horn will always be a living Legend with us!

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